On Friday, August 24, 2018 we hosted the seventh annual MSG Shawn T. Hannon Memorial Tournament.  Amazing turn out and amazing weather!!  Big thanks to all who participated whether is be by donating money/time or playing.  THANK YOU!!  See you next year!

Veterans Day 2018

Salute a vet!!

The Students we help

While officially Evan is Shawn's legacy, we thought the best way to honor Shawn was to create scholarships in his name and help future generations.  Thanks to the Southwestern City Schools Education Foundation, we are able to create several scholarships for a variety of students.  

April 4th, 2017 marked 5 years since Shawn was taken from us.  Be thankful for your family and all you are fortunate to have.  And maybe think of how Shawn impacted your lives.  

Recent Events

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Memorial Events


On Tuesday, May 1st 2018, Grove City High School had their senior awards assembly and Jamie got to hand out two $1500 scholarships in Shawn's name.  Evan did well again by not hiding behind her and by saying the names of the winners.  The first recipient was Sierra Massey and she was very involved with student council and has an impressive list of volunteer work.  Continuing with the spirit of helping people, she plans to obtain a nursing degree from Capital University and become a military nurse.

 The second recipient of this scholarship was Maylene Renninger and she not only has an extensive list of school activities, but is our youngest recipient at only 16.  Maylene was also very involved with student council.  She will be attending Miami University in the fall to pursue a degree in Finance, with the ultimate goal of becoming a CFO.


Thank you to all who helped with the golf outing where we raised the money to be able to do this.  

Shawn's Legacy

MSG Shawn T. Hannon Memorial Site


Please think of any special moments you remember about Shawn (appropriate and inappropriate) and email them to info@sthbmf.com .  His son would appreciate it!

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