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August 26. 2022 - 

11th Annual Memorial Golf Tournament!!  Stay tuned for details to come.

On Friday, August 26, 2022 we will hold the 11th annual MSG Shawn T. Hannon Memorial Tournament.  We hope to have the best turnout yet!  

Shawn's Legacy

While officially Evan is Shawn's legacy, we thought the best way to honor Shawn was to create scholarships in his name and help future generations.  Thanks to the Southwestern City Schools Education Foundation, we are able to create several scholarships for a variety of students.  



Please think of any special moments you remember about Shawn (appropriate and inappropriate) and email them to .  His son would appreciate it!


MSG Shawn T. Hannon Memorial Site

The Students We (aka You All) Help

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Evan and his mom, Jamie, got to hand out the scholarship awards in person this year.  Evan so bravely spoke and handed out the awards himself!  Proud parent moment!  The first recipient was Andrea Gilbert.  Andrea was very involved in the singing programs GCHS had to offer.  She hopes to obtain a bachelors and masters degree in music and become a music teacher to further enrich the lives of young people through music.

 The second recipient of this scholarship was Parker Felumlee.  Parker, in spite of a big move and some ups and downs, decided to pursue becoming an actor.  Somehow in his busy high school life, he managed to become Cross Country captain and the Student Council president, as well as a long list of amazing accomplishments.  He will be attending NYU in the fall to help achieve his dreams.  

Thank you to all who helped with the golf outing where we raised the money to be able to do this.