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August 28. 2020 - 

Memorial Golf Tournament

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Memorial Events

This year due to Covid, the 2020 MSG Shawn T. Hannon scholarship recipients received their awards at home.  Both sent very thoughtful thank you cards.  The first recipient was Andrew Renninger ​who intends to attend Ohio State University for a degree in Computer Science, unless he can get into Princeton or MIT.  He successfully managed to be a part of several clubs, volunteer at our local library and keep a job.  

 The second recipient of this scholarship was Shelby Brown.  Shelby plans to attend college for a degree in Musical Therapy (at the time she hadn't chosen which of the two colleges she got accepted into).  She has an impressive list or musical achievements as well as has volunteered at the food bank for the past 6 years.     

Thank you to all who helped with the golf outing where we raised the money to be able to do this.  

The slideshows do not have clickable images, but they pictures are larger.  This year's tournament is in a gallery with clickable pictures.

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Please think of any special moments you remember about Shawn (appropriate and inappropriate) and email them to .  His son would appreciate it!

The Students we help

Shawn's Legacy

July 4, 2020-celebrate America and those who defend our freedoms!

While officially Evan is Shawn's legacy, we thought the best way to honor Shawn was to create scholarships in his name and help future generations.  Thanks to the Southwestern City Schools Education Foundation, we are able to create several scholarships for a variety of students.  

On Friday, August 28, 2020 we will hold the ninth annual MSG Shawn T. Hannon Memorial Tournament.  We hope to have a decent turnout in light of how the world has changed.  We will have to make some adaptations, but it will still be awesome.